Monday, 23 April 2012

Compact Prints

Had a productive day on Friday, making my work for the Compact Print exhibition at Umbrella Studios, Townsville. Prints have to be 12 x 12 cm as they are exhibited in CD cases.  I like that idea!
The linocut is from a drawing I made some years ago of slightly disturbing doll  (or is it the drawing that's disturbing, not the doll itself?) and is printed over a stencilled gelatin they are all a little different.  I quite like the the fact that the stencil is out of register in most of the it will be quite a loose edition.  I printed the linocut by hand using a plastic baren that I recently bought at Melbourne Etching Supplies.
I think it is called Doppelganger Doll.


  1. That *is* a disturbing doll/drawing! Hehehe! I love it!

  2. Hi Penny ...always nice to see your little the title.