Thursday, 23 May 2013

Another print exchange print

Earlier this year I decided to participate in three or four print exchanges.  This is for the second one - a  Print People exchange. Relating to the series A Taxonomy of (Art) Cats (read more here.), for these small-print exchanges I've decided upon hybrids - cats that combine elements from two or three sources.  The form of this one is based upon a work by an anonymous 19th century American printmaker working in a na├»ve style, with markings from a 17th century woodcut from an English publication, The Historie of Four-footed Beastes, compiled by Edward Topsall; and Barbara Hanrahan (Australian printmaker and writer.) I bought myself Annette Stewart's biography of Hanrahan for Mother's Day and it arrived in time for me to incorporate the dotted chest/underbody markings she often used. I hadn't realised that there were cats in a lot of her prints. If you don't know her work here is a link to some of her prints, held in the Art Gallery of NSW. (oh, now that I look, there are lots of cats!)  I read most of her books, both novels and short stories, years ago...think I'll have to dip in again after the biography.


Tuesday, 7 May 2013

A Girl Waiting - BookArtObject

I have posted off the first three copies of my BookArtObject artist's book, A Girl Waiting.  Six more to go!  Details of the project can be seen here.
So here are a few images...can't really show any more until I've sent off the others. Linocuts of places the girl might be waiting, obsessively typed reasons and the girl silhouettes all derive from Art History.