Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Simple things

As well as doing a bit of gelatin plate printing lately, I have also been doing some planning and cutting of lino plates. I've decided to revisit a favourite theme from a few years ago for a postcard exchange with the theme 'first'.
'The first thing she ever knitted'

I also proofed this plate, which I'm planning to print over a second plate of large circles, very pale possibly translucent grey. Yes, keeping with the circles...and other simple objects.
Simple objects can be carriers of multiple meanings. Thinking of the work of Australian artist Katherine Hattam and of course, Van Gogh.

I originally had all the writing in the lower-case script, but thought it might work better in capitals. 

Both are on the plate at this stage. I need to get rid of one, also clean it up a bit and fix the nick in the arm of the chair! Planning to fill the gap on the second plate.