Saturday, 14 July 2012

Pay it Forward

This is really a quite belated post.  Back in April I responded to this post by Jac.

I couldn't have put it better.  She said,' One of the things I like about the web is the ability to make connections with people across the globe, the idea of being able to share ideas and techniques and to have a ‘conversation’ with like minded people whom I probably wouldn’t get the opportunity to meet in person'.

Like Jac, I like the idea of sharing not only tecniques, experiments, thoughts and images but also, on a small scale, pieces of ‘real’ work. Which is why I responded to the post.
A couple of days ago I received a very beautiful book called Weave, in the mail from Jac in England. There are images of the book on  her blog, but here is just one...

So now it's my turn to pay it forward.
If you want to join in, this is how it works.
If you leave a comment here I will send the first three people a small handmade gift via snail mail (and post links to those three bloggers). They will then put a post up about Pay It Forward (with a link back to my blog) and will also send on to three more people small  handmade gifts via snail mail etc.etc

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  1. Trailing through artists blogs on Sunday morning - and love that the blog forum enables exposure to different artistic experiences - and those conversations. Would love to participate in PIF - I am a textile artist and would love to share your blog with others ... thank you Penny