Thursday, 2 February 2012

Nude as wallpaper - Sample Book from 2011

Goodness! Where did January go?
I was going to post images of the book I was making for the Linden Postcard Show...but time became very tight.  I started sewing the book at 2pm on the day it had to be delivered (across the other side of the city) by 5pm.  Fortunately it was a small book, coptic bound with only 12 or so signatures.  It didn;t take too long, although I had trouble getting the second cover on firmly.  It was a little looser than it should have been...but otherwise, I was very happy with the book.  If I had been thinking I could have taken a couple of pictures when I arrived...before I handed it over...I had about 30minutes to spare, as it turned out. Oh well! Hopefully I can put something up later.
But as I don't have any images of the book (called Counting Crows...or Magpies), I'll share some images of a book from a few months ago, Nude as Wallpaper - Sample Book. Nudes from Art History (some more recognizable than others) are simplified (some more than others) and printed over text from Kenneth Clark's opening paragraph from his book, The Nude.  It's side-bound with a hinged cover - like a wallpaper sample book!


  1. Hi Penny, went to a bookmaking/printing workshop yesterday so today as I read your post I am able to understand some of the processes you are employing in your work. I really like the embossed text and the images printed over the text and your binding stitches. Looks like a very nice book/object.

    1. Thank you.
      Love a workshop...learning new stuff and meeting like-minded folk! Hope you enjoyed it.

  2. I love what you've done with the nudes from art history and the blind text looks fantastic.

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