Thursday, 12 June 2014

Well, I really have been distracted!!

In spite of starting the year with very good intentions, it just doesn't seem to be happening here! I have made some work, but life has largely been absorbed by a long-planned move to the country. I've had to resolve to get this done and not worry too much about what else doesn't get done...because one of my primary aims is to change my life so that I have more time for art making and writing. I sold my house in the Northern suburbs of Melbourne about six weeks ago, and am now in the very exciting process of looking for something to buy in central Victoria.

I have been slowly working on another linocut  in the series 'A Taxonomy of (Art) Cats'. This one is 'Two cats', and is a little different in format.
Here is a peek at a section of it. I'll show some more later...

The other thing that I finally managed to do is to open an Etsy shop.
I launched it about a month ago with six prints, and now have to get more active.
Planning on putting something else up very soon.
Here's a link to it, if you care to take a look.

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